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The first week in February
project '20
was very interesting I knew I had to bake a cake, and I had to go and bring my credentials into Time Plan, which have incidentally changed the location of their office
so I prepared to make the cake, the got ready to leave for the appointment.
On the way back I knew that I was attending COGIC prayer meeting, Oh dear our dear Sister & friend Barbara has passed, only 63, Yes I found a woolly hat for reduce price. It's true when the praises go up, the prices come down, also visited the hair shop, and must go straight home to completed the baking of the cake
what a fantastic prayer meeting, Where Elder Geoffrey requested that all attending will come up and call out the names of their loved ones who had a sickness and needed prayer. so Powerful. Wow! it was so good to see my old friends who grew up with me as teenagers. Sad about my dear friend Barbara though RIP


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