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It's February 2020
Can you believe it First month gone in 2020
I've been involved in so many projects as 60plus
There's been Irene's Living Waters
My book: How to Achieve High Scores in Sats Exams
Learning to paint Sunsets
Speaking to many Teaching agencies, they have included:
Nila Mandalia from Masterclass
Jaideep Singh from Engage Education
Ellie Crowhurst from TLTP
Amelia from Prospero
Victoria Faulkner from Reed Global
My case worker - Carleen Beckford from - Central London Works

Have a look people who live in Haringey
Free! cooking lessons on how to cook with a budget of £1
at: Chestnuts Community Centre St Anns Road N15 5BN
call: 07759500485
email: - buy a bag and take home ingredients for £3

So first day of a new month in 2020
on the rota is clean up , fry chicken, buy ginger, buy greens

O yes, this is what is happening in Teaching agencies - If you registered with them in the past, and they have emailed you some work in the future, for you to be even considered for the position
you have to travel to their office and bring in all your credentials again. so I was sent another registration form to be filled in online.
Well TES easy apply button, So I see anything I like I can do that, so things on my personal agenda can be done.
They have been really helpful so far as 60plus my view is another land


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