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Last Day of the first week of new Half Term - Buy my books on Amazon

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First week in a new half term - Hurry time is going for SATS Exams in May

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Back to school - Only 12 weeks to go to May SATS Exams - Buy my book on Amazon today

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Children take their SATS in May - Achieve high scores in SATS

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Make the most of your Time - Hurry - My book is on sale at Amazon

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Half Term - make the most of this time - Year 6 and Year 2 - more time to prepare for May

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Only 12 weeks to go for SATS Exams in May

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12 weeks Count down until May - SATS Exams

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Hurry Don't Delay Start Your Prepararion Today for SATS Exams in May - Achieve high scores in SATS

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Count down to May only 13 weeks to go Achieve high scores in SATS

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received so many phone calls today to go out to Supply Teaching must be that I used God's favourite number for the price of my book 777 What an encouragement! Check out my book on Amazon - How to Achieve the highest scores in SATS Exams Seems like I will be busy in the Spring I truly want to pay for my new kitchen roof must enquire the price of the new roof. For rain not to be pouring into my kitchen will make me very happy I love to entertain, so a warm kitchen environment is very important to me

Achieve high scores in SATS

Project '20 - 1st wk in February

What a wonderful weekend I had, visited my family, baked cake for my brothers, learned that my projects were very valuable, which has encouraged me to put more hours in  and produce more daily Thanks very much for your purchase

February 2020 - Buy my books on Amazon

There are so many ways to be connected with me Twitter: irenescpt facebook gumroad amazon This year along with my Project '20 that is DIY and gardening I will be doing a lot of writing Educational which I am in the process of publishing and my daily devotions which are on sale entitled ' Living Waters'

Project '20 you can buy my books on gumroad & also on amazon early morning I went on the treadmill and then picked up a few things at the shop Then I started on my Living Waters must try to: look up how to repair damp window panes repair ceilings and I need a new extension roof for my kitchen Got lots to do this year but I've got to put a lot of work in the living room
The first week in February project '20 was very interesting I knew I had to bake a cake, and I had to go and bring my credentials into Time Plan, which have incidentally changed the location of their office so I prepared to make the cake, the got ready to leave for the appointment. On the way back I knew that I was attending COGIC prayer meeting, Oh dear our dear Sister & friend Barbara has passed, only 63, Yes I found a woolly hat for reduce price. It's true when the praises go up, the prices come down, also visited the hair shop, and must go straight home to completed the baking of the cake what a fantastic prayer meeting, Where Elder Geoffrey requested that all attending will come up and call out the names of their loved ones who had a sickness and needed prayer. so Powerful. Wow! it was so good to see my old friends who grew up with me as teenagers. Sad about my dear friend Barbara though RIP
It's February 2020 Can you believe it First month gone in 2020 I've been involved in so many projects as 60plus There's been Irene's Living Waters My book: How to Achieve High Scores in Sats Exams Learning to paint Sunsets Speaking to many Teaching agencies, they have included: Nila Mandalia from Masterclass Jaideep Singh from Engage Education Ellie Crowhurst from TLTP Amelia from Prospero Victoria Faulkner from Reed Global My case worker - Carleen Beckford from - Central London Works Have a look people who live in Haringey Free! cooking lessons on how to cook with a budget of £1 at: Chestnuts Community Centre St Anns Road N15 5BN call: 07759500485 email: - buy a bag and take home ingredients for £3 So first day of a new month in 2020 on the rota is clean up , fry chicken, buy ginger, buy greens O yes, this is what is happening in Teaching agencies - If you registered with them in the past, and th